Wednesday, 5 September 2012

LTT trams on the move.

After 624 arrived at Brimwell road yesterday,the tram was too tall to enter the new depot beside the old one .It was then decided to move tram into the bigger depot next door which also houses some of the trust buses. Due to the fact there was so many buses in the depot a decision was made to move the trams from Rigby Road to a open storage yard near Jacksons yard,where towing car 671 resides. 

624 spent the the night outside Matthews Engineering,just around the corner from the main depot.

624 on Clifton Road.

624 on Burton  Road. The tram had to go this way to the storage area because the turn was too tight turning into the road next to Jacksons.

624 awaiting clearance to proceed the wrong way up a one way street.

624 passing the coach works.

624 ready to be unloaded at it's new temporary home.

After completing the 624 move.Alleys were back for 632,which is seen on Blundell Street.

632 leaving Blackpool track for the last time after 75 years of service.
632 ready to depart.
632 on Hopton road.
Following the departure of 632,OMO 8 was shunted into the electrical compound to have it's pantograph taken off.

A close up view of the dusty OMO,which hasn't ran in service since the 125 anniversary celebrations in 2010. Since then the tram has appeared in charity calender shoots and a depot shunts.